Welcome to the official website of Sasha Valeri Millwood

composer • contrapuntist • pianist • violinist

Member of the Performing Right Society and the Incorporated Society of Musicians



Millwood performing at Madingley Hall -- photograph courtesy of Gregor Forbes

Sasha Valeri Millwood is a composer‑contrapuntist‑pianist who takes an intellectual approach to his diverse array of musical endeavours, utilising his élite education and research, both academic and vocational, to elucidate his artistic practice. Dissenting from the propensity to isolate the sub‐disciplines that comprise the art and science of music, Millwood seeks to draw upon his various specialisms, from pitch‐class set theory and serialism to Classical improvisation and figured bass, to inform all of his work, whether it be academic writing, performing, accompanying, composing, transcribing, proof-reading, or teaching.

In particular, Millwood considers the insights from his professional performing experience to be an integral facet of his compositional practice (notwithstanding the irony that he composes at a desk, and never at the pianoforte), and vice versa (whether he be performing a work written today or written centuries ago).

Millwood is a graduate of Girton College, University of Cambridge, attaining the degree of Bachelor of Arts (with upper‑second‑class honours in each of the three parts of the Music Tripos). Following his undergraduate education, he enrolled at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where he is currently undertaking advanced studies in Classical improvisation with Dr David Dolan.

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